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Secure online trading

Golden Group is a Canadian financial institution approved by the Government of Canada. Golden Group is authorized and supervised by the Canadian government's financial regulatory authority (FINTRAC).

Since year 2000, we have conducted diversified businesses with four strategic business units, including Asset Management, Global Commodities, Immigration and Overseas Studies, and International Properties.

Our advantages

Regulatory perfection 

Golden group is committed to providing customers with the safest trading environment and the best service, and strictly abide by the regulatory framework and implement the strict and high standard management process. Whether through the services provided by us through any of the company's global strongholds, the client's funds are properly managed and protected under a highly secure mechanism.

Strict Compliance 

Golden Group is committed to providing customers the most secure trading environment and the best quality service, and strictly follow the regulatory framework, the implementation of stringent and high standards of management processes. Whether it is through a company anywhere in the world to obtain our services, customers of funds is definitely in a highly secure mechanism is properly managed and protected.

Annual Financial Audit 

The Group's overall development plan is based on a highly stringent and self-disciplined operating principle, taking into account the expansion of the Group and the solidity of its operations in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development in the future. The Company's financial audits are conducted annually by well-known and independent accounting firms and the results are communicated to the competent authorities.

Bank Segregated Accounts 

For the protection of customer funds security, we have spared no effort. Regardless of whether you are depositing or withdrawing money, we are cautious about every procedure and link. We carefully selected for customers and partners as the top bank supervision of funds banks. All customers' funds are deposited in the internationally recognized high-end TD Bank of Canada, Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other segregated bank accounts.