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The tools of the trade

Whether you are a demanding trader who requires the performance and flexibility of a professional trading environment, or an investor who needs access on the go, we have got the right platform for you. MetaTrader 4. The tradeoff is between mobility and cross-device functionality on one side and professional-level trading power on the other. But you don't need to choose. You can have both.


MetaTrader 4 Trading Platforms


MetaTrader 4 For the PC Trader and Investor

Cross-device platform, allowing you to trade on many devices from your  Golden Group account. Geared towards investors and traders on the move. Your settings and preferences migrate seamlessly. 

Millions of traders with broad demand chose MetaTrader 4 to trade on the market. This platform provides ample opportunity for traders of all levels of technology.

Simple functionality with quick, reliable trading and order execution. Intuitive charting, technical analysis, and trading from the chart.

Advanced technical analysis, flexible trading systems, algorithmic trading and EA trading, and mobile trading applications.

MetaTrader 4 PC

MetaTrader 4 For the Mobile Trader

The MetaTrader 4 mobile app allows transactions in the foreign exchange market through both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The features included in the mobile version include interactive quotes, full trading orders, and the most popular analysis tools, very similar to the desktop version. 

Just click on you to monitor your account status, track transaction history, and purchase and sell financial tools.

Provide personalized market information. You can customize the news dynamic and provide additional features, such as the convenience of chatting and pushing notifications with other traders. 

A full suite of trading tools and facilities, built for speed. Advanced charting with annotations, moving averages, oscillators,  volume studies and more.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Android

MetaTrader 4 Mobile iPhone/iPad

Try a free demo for 30 days!

Golden Group offers a 30-day free demonstration of our platforms with a simulated USD 100,000 account to practice with, so you can try out market strategies and familiarise yourself with our platforms before you start trading for real.